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Project Manager 

Jeana is a daily cannabis user. She uses cannabis along with a plant based diet and yoga practice to help treat PTSD and chronic pain. After the Biden Administration removed cannabis users from their positions at the White House, she felt we needed to make a statement showing that cannabis users are high functioning member of our society and deserve to be treated as such. Cannabis has been proven to treat a number of different aliments and it's important that we look at cannabis and plant medicine as a first option and not a last option. 


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Alexis is a a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and overall brander for companies in and out of the Cannabis industry. Alexis went to OSU for Strategic Communications and graduated in 2015. She felt morally unsure about entering the advertising field after graduation, so she travelled the world instead and freelanced when she had opportunities. Eventually, she started working with companies in the Cannabis industry, and I felt like advertising for them was morally the best way to utilize my passions for art and skills in communication.  


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