The Breaking the Stigma Team

Get to know the women behind Breaking the Stigma! We are a group of women passionate about the healing effects of Cannabis, the strength of female community, and the importance of creating a safe space for women to network and share. 

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Breaking the Stigma-09.png

Meet the Team

Jeana Acosta

Project Director 

Jeana is a daily cannabis user. She uses cannabis, along with a plant based diet and yoga practice, to help treat PTSD and chronic pain. After the Biden Administration removed Cannabis users from their positions at the White House, she felt we needed to make a statement showing that cannabis users are high-functioning members of society and deserve to be treated as such. Cannabis has been proven to treat a number of different aliments, and it's important that we look at cannabis and plant medicine as a first option, not a last resort. 

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Alexis Mellons


Alexis is a graphic designer, photographer, and overall brander for Cannabis companies. She graduated with a degree in Strategic Communications in 2015, and she started working in Cannabis a few years later. In dealing with gastro-related issues, Alexis found relief in Cannabis for triggers such as stress, anxiety, and nausea. Eager to toss the prescribed medications and the pharmaceutical  industry to the side, she wants to break the unhealthy stigma on natural medicine and communicate the benefits of it.

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Sofia Schmidt

Make Up Artist

Sofia is a makeup artist of five years, based out of NE Oklahoma. She went to Clary Sage College to complete her Makeup Artistry Licensing, and she has since loved helping women feel confident and beautiful in their skin. As a woman, Sofia uses Cannabis to manage endometriosis pain and anxiety, among other medical reasons. She feels better physically and mentally being able to use a NATURAL, God-given plant devoid of chemicals, and she wants to help foster a positive relationship between women and weed.

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