At WOMEN + WEED {dope} women connecting events, OUR mission is to connect women. To grow a strong healthy cannabis community by sharing resources for women and their families to get physically, mentally and financial healthy. We are patients, caregivers, industry leaders, & WOMEN.
We choose community over competition.


Addressing Stigma with Science

Science and research shows using THC, CBD and other cannabinoids have many benefits on numerous physical and mental illnesses. From PTSD to cancer the cannabis sativa plant treats various ailments both physical and neurological by methods such as smoking, vaping, juicing, topicals, edibles, tinctures, suppositories, etc. One of our many goals is to break the stigma of this amazing plant. Normalizing the use of cannabis both in adults and children make natural medicines the first thing we look to instead of pharmaceuticals with dangerous side effects.

Supporting the Community

Women supporting women. We are the mothers, grand mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. It's important for us to support one another and as we grow, teach what we are learning. We can not give enough credit to those who made SQ788 a reality. We still have bridges to gap regarding the cannabis sativa plant, such as access to safe medicine, stigma and  decriminalization. As we come together to learn and teach things like  how to dose, make edibles, and grow our own we empower ourselves and one another for a strong and better community.