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Women + Weed is an organization, whose mission is to break the stigma surrounding Cannabis and Plant medicine, through education and networking.

We offer consultations surrounding cannabis, including education, marketing, events and businesses.


We host inclusive wellness events, including our {dope} Networking Events that focused on networking and education. 


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our Story

July 16th 2019 Jeana Acosta founder of {dope} Women + Weed created HERstory with our very first event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Within a few months we were hosting events once a month in Tulsa and once a month in Oklahoma City with around 250 people in attendance each event.


March 2020 we were heading to Kansas City, Missouri for our first out of state event when we got the announcement that the US government is shutting down the country due to the Covid.

We took the break an opportunity to catch our breath. We were growing so fast it was hard to keep up.


During the shut down we continued to host events online as well as other community work such as the collaboration will with Senator Connie Johnson ( Sen Connie Johnson wrote the first legislation on medical cannabis in Oklahoma and also ran for governor of Oklahoma twice against current Governor Kevin Stitt’s ) to introduce voting initiatives to help individuals get registered to vote, sign up to vote by mail, and encourage individuals who were registered to vote to continue to show up and vote.


March of 2021 a few months after our President Joe Biden was sworn into office. He fired 5 administrative staff members for testing positive for cannabis. “I was outraged. President Joe Biden is sending a message to our country that you cannot use cannabis and be a professional.”

4/20 was right around the corner and we wanted to do some thing to combat the messaging so we created the Breaking the Stigma Photo Project. Our mission is to photograph 420 women who use cannabis or whose loved one uses cannabis and have them share their story on why they are wanting to break the stigma surrounding cannabis.


Dr. Simi Burn, PharmD. a participant of the Breaking the Stigma Photo Project said “I'm an pharmacist that has seen the medicinal and healing potential of cannabis and other plant medicine for so many people.  Especially compared to many pharmaceutical options in my career, the safety and effectiveness of cannabis is a life changer for so many people.  But there isn't enough education and support... So I decided to become a medical cannabis pharmacist and I couldn't be prouder of what I do to help people.”


The project has been so inspiring. We have had women both nationally and internationally wanting to get involved with our photo project and support a Breaking the Stigma surrounding Cannabis. We are looking forward to take our project globally.


In Dec 2021 as the country opened

back up and people were starting to gather, we took precautions and decided to host our annual Kushmas Event. We collected menstrual products and warming items for those experiencing homelessness. We hosted a secret sister sister gift exchange and also had a CBD coffee and hot chocolate bar. We heard from Dr. Simi Burns, PharmD, Senator Connie Johnson, and Dr Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD. We were so excited to be able to gather!




We partnered with Oklahoma Harm Reduction Alliance in a Cannabis is Harm Reduction Campaign.


We launched our Cannabis is Harm Reduction T-shirts collaboration, in a fashion show hosted by Karl Marks with Queer Prairie Studios located in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship building.


We partnered with Leidy Torres of FIKA Cultivation for a Spanish-speaking initiative, helping those who speak Spanish have access to medical cannabis, doctor recommendations, and cannabis education in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.


We collaborated with Artist J. Preston Witt a member of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship Program as he constructed a 14 foot cannabis leaf protest puppet and presented the puppet at our anniversary event.


Women + Weed is the only cannabis organization supporting women, those who identify as women, the queer community and people of color with the exception of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana which is a new in our state and we are excited to work beside Shalon Youngblood.


We have actively supported community protest surrounding Black Lives Matter.


We have organized, sponsored and spoke at the national Women’s March in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And we still continue advocating for reproductive justice.


We also support women by showing up to court hearings, sharing their story and trying to connect them with resources. Cannabis business owner and advocate. Malinda Halliburton was wrongfully charged with 3 felonies surrounding Cannabis.

You can find Malinda’s story on our Instagram page. We are proud to say 2 of the felonies have already been dropped and we are confident the district attorney will drop the baseless last felony charge. Malinda is a target of racial discrimination.


Cannabis prohibition has been extremely harmful, especially to the black and brown community. Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate of women in the entire world in 2022 Oklahoma was named the worst place to live if you’re a woman by USA Today due to poverty rates, incarceration rates and the ban on reproduction healthcare.




We hosted the first Cannabis + Motherhood series here in Oklahoma. Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND. Ph.D. spoke about cannabis use and motherhood including postpartum, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Miklyn McMahon moderated, a group of professional moms in the cannabis industry, who use cannabis.

On July 16th we celebrated our 4th Birthday with a historical Professional Women Breaking the Stigma Panel. This is the 1st time in OKlahoma professional women spoke about breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis even if they themselves are not cannabis users. 

Jessica Rose was our panel moderator.

 -Jessica is celebrating twenty years as a cancer survivor, 

Laugh, think, and roll with her weekday mornings at Mix 96.5 Tulsa

The panel included

 -Crista Patrick - is currently serving as District 3 Tulsa City and the Chair of the Tulsa City Council. Crista managed the University of Tulsa Department of Theatre's Costume Department for 15 years, where she also taught. A small business owner, Crista has owned and operated a massage therapy practice for over 25 years.

 -Bri Seely - has won multiple Business Coach of the Year Awards, She is a TEDx Speaker her From Wages to Wealth’ talk, She has been featured on press outlets such as Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health and more.

 -Kuma Roberts -  is the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at Arrowhead Consulting. In addition, she serves on numerous nonprofit boards that align with her passion ensure a vibrant, and accountable world for us all. She was named the 2022 Pinnacle Award Corporate Businesswoman of the Year by the YWCA, the City of Tulsa and Commission on the Status of Women

 -Blayklee Free - is an interdisciplinary artist and journalist working to tell diverse stories in creative and engaging ways. Her award-winning writing and editing has garnered accolades from Society of Professional Journalists and Great Plains Awards.

WE are breaking stigma and glass ceilings! 

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