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Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD

Naturopathic Doctor/Consultant

Dr. Pepper Hernandez is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, BCHP
Traditionally and Classically trained Naturopath, ND
Certified Natural Health Professional, CNHP
Transpersonal Psychology, PhD
International Speaker Cannabis, ECS & Nauropathy
Live Food Nutritionist, NHC
Cannabis Therapy Consultant, CTC
​Cannabis Health Educator
Cannabis Content Writer for multiple publications
Reiki Master & Kundalini Teacher Practitioner
CEO and Director of Natural Medicine on the Plaza™

Most Currently Hernandez founded the non-profit Humboldt Holistic Foundation™ to help expand and create resources for the stability of Holistic Projects for Humboldt County and beyond.

She is also the Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Holistic Institute™ located in the heart of Humboldt County, The Emerald Triangle. Giving a voice to the local community about their view, knowledge, and connection to the cannabis plant.

Hernandez is the Creator and Founder of the "Humboldt Joint Discussions"™ project which is a series of panel discussions and a web series that is centred around Humboldt businesses with true ethics.

She is a researcher focusing on Neuroscience, Hebbs Law and bridging the gap between science and spirituality. She is fascinated by Entheogenics, Neuroplasticity and Quantum Physics.

As her values and purpose evolve, she chooses to work on a deeper level with clients as a spiritual educator. She calls this type of work Quantum Alignment Therapy® which includes working with the balance of nutrition through food and supplementation, energy alignment and chakra balancing. Mental, physical and spiritual homeostasis.

Wellness Team

Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD
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